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New street grid promises to revive Glenwood South’s “dead zone”


New Glenwood South exits off Capital Blvd

Sitting between Glenwood South and the Capital District lies the “dead zone”, where with the exception of the West condos, sits a four block area that has so far not been touched by the downtown revitalization going on all around it.

All this could change thanks to the replacement of the Capital Blvd bridge over Peace Street, which luckily gives the City a great opportunity to rebuild and reconnect the street grid in a way that is expected to spur new mixed use redevelopment.

Check out this recent WRAL TV segment. http://bit.ly/GS-deadzone



Other DLA posts about the bridge replacement and ramp design known as the “square loop”.…

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510 Glenwood: It’s Comin’ Back


510 Glenwood

My wife and I have owned our condo at 510 Glenwood from the beginning, when it was built 13 years ago.  We were excited then to live in downtown Raleigh’s first mixed use building.  For years, we used the shorthand – “above Bogarts” – when telling new friends where we lived.  Then it became “where Bogarts used to be.”  That became the front of a long tale, as it was joined by other Rocky Top Hospitality closings: Draft and Red Room.  Cantina South and Krave (Bogarts and Red Room replacements) both had short stays.

But now we’re getting ready to tell a new story.

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Tree Sweaters Blankets Add New Warmth to Glenwood South

If you drove down Glenwood Avenue in February of this year, you may have been charmed or even confused by the sight of 150 trees dressed in colorful, made to order, rectangular sweaters. This public art installation represented the work of more than 50 knitters, aged 7 – 70 who gathered to stitch during the fall at SpiritWorks Studio in The Carter Building. Sponsored by the Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative, these Tree Sweaters did just what was intended. They inspired conversation, brought neighbors together, delivered smiles to people going by, and even empowered kids who could see first hand the effects of their art on the community.…

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Volunteerism on Glenwood South: Tree Sweater blankets are just the beginning

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead

Glenwood South is a neighborhood where volunteerism is literally adding to the colors and designs on the street, bringing better lit and safer-feeling sidewalks, and knitting friendships that strengthen cooperation.  When Sue Glennon (Hampton Inn and Suites), Liz Johnson (Revolver) and Donna Belt (SpiritWorks) met with Sharon Hayes, Executive Director of St. Saviour’s Center (616 Tucker Ave) this week to arrange a neighborhood tea for donating Tree Sweater blankets to the residents of Glenwood Towers, the surprise was on them.  Melissa Brigman, Property Manager of the Towers wondered out loud how residents could volunteer to help the neighborhood.  As thrilled as they were to receive the blankets, they were equally happy with a donation of yarn that allows them to knit items to donate to a charity they select.…

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A Bridge to Raleigh’s Future: The Decision is Now!

Here’s a quiz:  Guess where this is?

  • You rarely see people walking here.
  • It’s located just a few blocks from a commercial center and downtown entertainment district.
  • It’s within the downtown improvement district.
  • The area is huge, with lots of potential

Answer – see map

As the downtown revitalization has continued to move forward, an area like this could be expected to have attracted a lot of attention, yet developers avoid it.



A favorable bridge redesign offers to spark redevelopment

With the bridge over Peace Street at its useful life, a forward-friendly redesign of the bridge could be a catalyst to redevelop this important area of downtown.…

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Glenwood South Tree Sweater Art Installation

Tree Sweaters - Seattle neighborhood

Tree Sweaters – Seattle neighborhood

Participants will gather at The Carter Building at 10am on the morning of January 25th before trailing down the length of Glenwood Avenue to Peace Street, leaving the trees dressed in stripes and patterns of every color.  Hot chocolate and snacks will be served  at 11:00 at Tobacco Road Sports Cafe, when visitors and participants gather for comments from city officials, prizes awarded to knitters, and a drawing of gift certificates from local merchants.

For the past six weeks, knitters have been meeting each Friday at SpiritWorks Studio at the Carter Building to create Tree Sweaters for the city owned trees lining the Glenwood South thoroughfare.  Many cars pass through on their way into downtown, but merchants and residents have banded together into the Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative to offer reasons to stop on their street, long before their popular late night businesses come into full swing.

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Peace Street Bridge Replacement on Capital Blvd Moving Ahead

cap_blvd2After years of planning and the review of multiple designs, the city is now down to just two options for how the new bridge will connect into the surrounding area.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Winter 2013 – Environmental Assessment
  • Spring 2014 – Public Hearing
  • Fall 2014 – Final Environmental Document
  • Year 2015 – Begin Right of Way Acquisition
  • Year 2016 – Begin Construction

Why it matters so much

The selection of the final bridge design stands to hugely impact the development of the surrounding area. The bridge could become an important catalyst to spark a major makeover of a large swath of underdeveloped area on the northeast corner of Glenwood South.…

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West Apartments Times II

It’s been two years since we first heard about the West Apartments, one of a number of new 5-6 story apartment buildings to be built downtown.  As talk shifted to Greg Sandreuter’s 23-story Skyhouse Apartments announced a year ago, the buzz seemed to die down regarding his smaller 7-story apartment building next to the present West at North condos.

West Apartments II

But now there is another West Apartments, West Apartments II being planned for that same track of land on the northeastern edge of Glenwood South.  I haven’t seen anything about it in the news, but the site plan suddenly appeared a few months ago on the City’s website.…

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Faces of Downtown Raleigh: Serge Falcoz-Vigne of 518 West Italian Cafe


Executive Chef Serge Falcoz-Vigne

What do Paris, France, Happy Hour, wood-fired oven baked offerings and neighbor have in common? 518 West

518 West Italian Cafe has been a fixture to Glenwood South for the past 17 years.  Residents began to move into their “backyard” 4 ½ years ago.  Styles have changed and the needs of residents have changed.  518 West has started to make big changes too.  In the past 6 months they have brought on a whole new management staff, including a chef straight from Paris,France, Serge Falcoz-Vigne.

Serge gets especially excited talking to customers about his love for cooking and using all local produce in his recipes.  When I asked him what he did to make the Chicken Marsala even tastier, he responded “better wine and hours of simmering.  We open early to make all of our items fresh (including pasta), so why not start cooking the Marsala early?”

I asked Serge, “What do locals want in a neighborhood restaurant?”

His answers:

  • A place to go where they know your name
  • A place where management acknowledges you as a local
  • A place where neighbors can meet for drinks, eat, and socialize without dumping their wallets

Serge is just one more reason I love living in a downtown condo. I feel like I have the LARGEST family ever.…

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Mark your calendars now! Show up at the Feb. 5 public hearing to support West Peace Street improvements!

IMG_2670Picture driving along West Peace Street, between St. Mary’s and West Street; a busy street with missing or torn up sidewalks, unable to meet the demands of school and work traffic.  As a primary traffic corridor for east Raleigh neighborhoods, Cameron Village and the State Government Center, it reflects a lack of appeal, as well as safety.  Now you have an opportunity to let the city know that they have your support in making welcome improvements.


Here’s the backstory

Five years ago the West Peace Streetscape Improvement Plan was created, originally planned as phase 2 of the Glenwood South streetscape improvement project.  But in response to the economic recession in 2008, the previously allocated $1.3 million construction fund was placed in an economic reserve account where it remains today.…

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