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Shervin Tahssili: the New Face of Helios

By Donna Belt

Sometimes my husband and I look out from the porch of our fourth floor condo at 510 Glenwood and muse over how the neighborhood appears to be a stage set, with additional buildings entering the scene with regularity.  Each addition inevitably transforms the neighborhood as new residents arrive with fresh ideas, but this is doubly true of business owners who back their visions with investment in restaurants, shopping and services that largely shape how we define ourselves on the street.


Shervin Tahssili

Ideally, there is a respect and incorporation of the history of what has gone before, while bringing an innovative twist.

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It’s here! A parking app for Glenwood South

If you’re one of those people who get frustrated trying to find a spot to park in Glenwood South, you’ll want to read this.  Does this sound like you?

  • I prefer on-street parking, but drive around in circles and rarely find an open spot.
  • I know of a few parking decks, but I don’t like to park there and avoid them.
  • I wish there were more surface parking lots.

If so, you probably didn’t know that in addition to the three multi-story parking decks, there are 10 parking lots in Glenwood South, yet most of these parking lots are rarely used.  Why?…

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An Interview with ‘District D’ City Councilor, Kay Crowder

200px-Kay_CrowderThe City of Raleigh will hold elections for Mayor and City Council on October 6th.  Kay Crowder is a member of the City Council, representing District D who was appointed to the City Council in 2014 to fill the seat of her recently deceased husband Thomas, who served in that roll for eleven years.

Her challenger for the District D seat on the City Council is Ashton Mae Smith.  Ashton’s interview was posted to this blog last month.

The DLA asked Kay a series of questions.  Here are her answers:

What aspects need to be balanced in providing for downtown Raleigh’s growth as a vital, sustainable, creative environment for both residents and businesses?

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Meet ‘District D’ Candidate, Ashton Mae Smith

Ashton Mae Smith

Ashton Mae Smith

District D encompasses the downtown Districts of Glenwood South, the Warehouse District, and a portion of the Fayetteville Street District.  There are two candidates running for the council seat this year.   This Blog will include interviews with each candidate, starting with Ashton Mae Smith, followed by candidate Kay Crowder next month.

The DLA asked Ashton a series of questions.  Here are her answers.

What was your inspiration for running for City Council, and what gaps do you fill in that aren’t being met now?

I decided to run for City Council because I have a vision for Raleigh’s future as a world-class city, and we’re at a cross-roads as to how to get there.

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Downtown merchants resist proposed changes to Outdoor “Dining” Ordinance


In the past several weeks, restaurant and bar owners in Glenwood South have joined other business proprietors across downtown to put public pressure on City Council to defer approving what they view as a hastily prepared change to the City’s Outdoor Dining Ordinance. The proposed change to the ordinance seeks to restrict bar patrons from drinking on public sidewalks outside downtown bars.

Council agrees to defer decision for 30 days

City Council has agreed that the ordinance change as initially drafted unfairly targets a small number of bars and has thus deferred their decision, sending the issue to the Law & Public Safety Committee for further review.  A new Hospitality Committee that includes both residents and merchants is now working with City staff to develop alternate proposals.…

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Countdown to BIG BOOM on Glenwood South

Post by Donna Belt

Vincent Baressi, with art of Victor Knight III

For months now, the windows on the front corner space at 510 Glenwood  – once occupied by Red Room (then Krave and then Myst) – have been covered with paper.  Then several weeks ago, a sign with no words – just a row of cherry bombs appeared.  What IS this?  neighborhood residents have asked.  A club?  A video game hang out?

Vincent Barresi, the new restauranteur in this property would chuckle at this intrigue.  You might recognize him as the chef and proprietor, who for the past ten years has warmly greeted families at Vincent’s Italian Cuisine on Creedmoor Rd.  Or if you’ve been in Raleigh a really long time, you might recall his restaurant that thrived for fifteen years prior to that on Capital Blvd.…

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The Best Glenwood South (Parking) News You Never Knew

IMG_3173You may have done this – troll along looking for one of 70 coveted parking spaces along Glenwood Avenue that are free of charge after 5PM on weekdays, and all day/night on weekends.  If they’re full, you drive down side streets, hoping to squeeze into a space tucked beside one of the arrows indicating no parking adjacent to driveways and entrances.  It’s only as a last resort that you opt for the $5 – $7 prepay charge for the 800 or so spaces available at three local public parking decks.

Did you know that you have a lot more options than these?…

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LoMo Brings More than Vegetables to Glenwood South

LoMo copy

Post by Donna Belt

When my husband retired in the early 2000’s from a role that had moved us to London, we resolved to explore Europe by living in each setting of our choice for at least a month.  Our goal was to look past the buildings and history to feel the pulse of a place, how people related to each other, how they cooked, and looked after their families.  Often we felt like observers, trapped by our otherness, until market day would arrive.  Then we’d buy our eggs in a brown paper bag, carefully handed over with a smile from a local farm woman.…

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In responding to Hatem’s approach to Amplified Outdoor Entertainment permitting, let’s expand the conversation.

Post by Donna Belt

(Donna is an Executive Board Member of the Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative and leads the neighborhood’s public art.)

200fayetteville1On the morning of January 26, headlines in the N&O – Downtown developer Hatem raises alarm as Raleigh weighs noisier Fayetteville Street – reignited a conversation that has been taking place in Raleigh over the past few years.  And now, it’s come to the forefront as City Councillors weigh Hatem’s argument against Outdoor Amplified Entertainment permits for bars and restaurants along Fayetteville Street.


First, I’d like to say that Hatem is right.  He does need to move to Oakwood, if he finds Fayetteville Street “unlivable”.  Families with young children are often happy for a lifestyle with controls in place that ensure quiet homogeneity.…

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Carolina Ale House: Glenwood South’s New Neighbor

By Donna Belt

3rd floor - interior

3rd floor – interior

Invitations are in hand for the neighbors of Glenwood South’s Carolina Ale House and anticipation is high for their Saturday, January 10 soft opening that will herald the immediate start of business to the public.  Together with its hundreds of beers on tap and all food made in house, the welcoming and innovative design of this multistoried eatery is sure to make it a regional destination.

As residents of 510 Glenwood, my husband Jim and I have been peering through the construction fence along our street for months. This morning we were rewarded not just with a gap allowing access to the wide, upgraded sidewalk; the owner, Lou Moshakos invited us in for a tour of his building from basement to rooftop.  We can say for sure that this place – from its novel wine-on-tap system to its massive electric windows (designed in Turkey) – is the masterpiece of a true visionary.  Lou Moshakos is constructing a space that will keep pace with an expanded version of Glenwood South that is now only in an early phase.…

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