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LoMo Brings More than Vegetables to Glenwood South

LoMo copy

Post by Donna Belt

When my husband retired in the early 2000’s from a role that had moved us to London, we resolved to explore Europe by living in each setting of our choice for at least a month.  Our goal was to look past the buildings and history to feel the pulse of a place, how people related to each other, how they cooked, and looked after their families.  Often we felt like observers, trapped by our otherness, until market day would arrive.  Then we’d buy our eggs in a brown paper bag, carefully handed over with a smile from a local farm woman.…

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In responding to Hatem’s approach to Amplified Outdoor Entertainment permitting, let’s expand the conversation.

Post by Donna Belt

(Donna is an Executive Board Member of the Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative and leads the neighborhood’s public art.)

200fayetteville1On the morning of January 26, headlines in the N&O – Downtown developer Hatem raises alarm as Raleigh weighs noisier Fayetteville Street – reignited a conversation that has been taking place in Raleigh over the past few years.  And now, it’s come to the forefront as City Councillors weigh Hatem’s argument against Outdoor Amplified Entertainment permits for bars and restaurants along Fayetteville Street.


First, I’d like to say that Hatem is right.  He does need to move to Oakwood, if he finds Fayetteville Street “unlivable”.  Families with young children are often happy for a lifestyle with controls in place that ensure quiet homogeneity.…

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‘OrderUp’ Food Delivery Now Serving Downtown Raleigh

Post written and submitted by OrderUp Raleigh.

X50UrsdD_400x400You know the feeling: You’re hungry and want something good but slammed at work or settled in at your place getting ready to watch the game. Your usual go-to doesn’t deliver and you’re looking for new options.

Maybe you’ll Google “restaurants Raleigh” or something like “best Thai Fayetteville Street” and see what jumps out. You’ll visit website after website, read the menus, look for specials, read reviews on which items are recommended, and then look to see if they deliver.

Well downtowners, OrderUp is here to make that process a lot easier.

Either through their website or by downloading their app, you can immediately begin discovering and ordering from restaurants that will deliver right to your door.…

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Carolina Ale House: Glenwood South’s New Neighbor

By Donna Belt

3rd floor - interior

3rd floor – interior

Invitations are in hand for the neighbors of Glenwood South’s Carolina Ale House and anticipation is high for their Saturday, January 10 soft opening that will herald the immediate start of business to the public.  Together with its hundreds of beers on tap and all food made in house, the welcoming and innovative design of this multistoried eatery is sure to make it a regional destination.

As residents of 510 Glenwood, my husband Jim and I have been peering through the construction fence along our street for months. This morning we were rewarded not just with a gap allowing access to the wide, upgraded sidewalk; the owner, Lou Moshakos invited us in for a tour of his building from basement to rooftop.  We can say for sure that this place – from its novel wine-on-tap system to its massive electric windows (designed in Turkey) – is the masterpiece of a true visionary.  Lou Moshakos is constructing a space that will keep pace with an expanded version of Glenwood South that is now only in an early phase.…

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Clockwork is Glenwood South’s Organic, Fresh, Preservative Free Alternative to Your Own Kitchen

I_0414_Web_Also_Clock_2More and more people are finding themselves like me, apologizing as we look up at a waiter asking questions like, “Is the flour organic?” “Is the filet grass-fed?” There are jokes about consumers like us, but food allergies aren’t funny at all, if you suffer from the effects of chemicals and additives.

Surprisingly, I found the answer to all my questions at the DLA’s Battle of the Pizza, an event held in June to welcome new residents at 927 West Morgan Street Apartments.  The winner of the pizza taste-off and owner of Clockwork, Souheil Al-Awar, has turned his zeal for fresh, chemical free ingredients into a creative menu that would suit any palate.  He explains, “I can eat here because it’s all homemade and fresh.  It’s like eating in your own kitchen.  Food takes a little longer to prepare because it is made from scratch.  If you order an organic salad with the Orange Vinaigrette, the vinaigrette is made at the time of the order.  Fresh grated orange peel, olive oil…..…

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510 Glenwood: It’s Comin’ Back


510 Glenwood

My wife and I have owned our condo at 510 Glenwood from the beginning, when it was built 13 years ago.  We were excited then to live in downtown Raleigh’s first mixed use building.  For years, we used the shorthand – “above Bogarts” – when telling new friends where we lived.  Then it became “where Bogarts used to be.”  That became the front of a long tale, as it was joined by other Rocky Top Hospitality closings: Draft and Red Room.  Cantina South and Krave (Bogarts and Red Room replacements) both had short stays.

But now we’re getting ready to tell a new story.

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Stanbury: New restaurant coming soon to North Blount Street

600968_360794847354644_2049117360_nFor the past couple of years I’ve had the great pleasure of living about 100 yards from the amazing food and people at The Market Restaurant. Chad and his staff are great and the food they’ve been putting out at Market is only matched by the sense of community they’ve fostered in that space. So, naturally, when I heard that Market was moving I nearly had a panic attack, but luckily I found out they were moving just down the road. After I calmed down I quickly realized that there was going to be an empty space in our community.



That empty space kinda scared me.…

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Faces of Downtown Raleigh: Serge Falcoz-Vigne of 518 West Italian Cafe


Executive Chef Serge Falcoz-Vigne

What do Paris, France, Happy Hour, wood-fired oven baked offerings and neighbor have in common? 518 West

518 West Italian Cafe has been a fixture to Glenwood South for the past 17 years.  Residents began to move into their “backyard” 4 ½ years ago.  Styles have changed and the needs of residents have changed.  518 West has started to make big changes too.  In the past 6 months they have brought on a whole new management staff, including a chef straight from Paris,France, Serge Falcoz-Vigne.

Serge gets especially excited talking to customers about his love for cooking and using all local produce in his recipes.  When I asked him what he did to make the Chicken Marsala even tastier, he responded “better wine and hours of simmering.  We open early to make all of our items fresh (including pasta), so why not start cooking the Marsala early?”

I asked Serge, “What do locals want in a neighborhood restaurant?”

His answers:

  • A place to go where they know your name
  • A place where management acknowledges you as a local
  • A place where neighbors can meet for drinks, eat, and socialize without dumping their wallets

Serge is just one more reason I love living in a downtown condo. I feel like I have the LARGEST family ever.…

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Packed house at the DLA Mixer at Coglin’s

We love our mixers!  Over 100 downtown friends and neighbors joined the DLA to check out the NEWEST 80’s & 90’s bar: Coglin’s Raleigh.


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Thing To Do For Earth Day, Guest Post

This is a guest post provided by Sandra Simpson at Greetings from Green NC, a new site about sustainable practices and food around the triangle. I challenged Sandra to come up with a list of things to do for Earth Day and here is her list.

Downtown Raleigh NC rocks, and when it comes to observing Earth Day, there are many choices to be enjoyed-not just on April 22nd, but all month long. Here are my top ten picks for saying, “thanks Mother Earth.”

10. For a short stroll, park your car and take a walk around City Market and Moore Square.…

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